Problem with tags showing/editing and deleting

I’m having some issues with getting tags to show on new topics, apologies this has already been asked but i’ve had a read of some old posts and i’m still racking my brain trying to figure this out. When i go to make a new post: I can’t reuse any tags i’ve created.

For example if I type in ‘discussion’ to reuse the tag, it won’t let me use it, just says not found, there’s no option for the already existent discussion tag but I can’t recreate it either because it already exists. Here’s all the tags I have, all within a single group:

I noticed if I make a new tag as of now, i can reuse them but any tags that already exist I can’t even edit or delete them…I went to /tags and clicked the tag and it just redirects to the tag page.

I also noticed if I go to Topics tagged discussion the direct path for the tag and then try and make a topic I can use it, but users aren’t going to do that as it’s not normal behaviour.

Any guidance would be much appreciated, I feel there’s either quite a few issues here or perhaps i’m not understanding how tags work

It looks like you have these tags configured to only work in the Trading category:

Go to the config for that category to remove them from being limited to that category, or go to the other categories and add them.

(Basically, tags which are limited this way, either individually or by group, can only be used in the categories where they are explicitly listed.)


Oh i’m so stupid, I was configuring the tag groups thinking that was all that was required. I forgot you have to go to the category, then config and add them there. It’s all good now thanks!

I don’t think you’re stupid. Tag groups are very powerful, but also complicated, especially because the the configuration isn’t all in one place. I was struggling to clearly explain the problem, even, so I’m glad you knew what I meant.

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In the beginning I was struggling with this. In my reality the logical solution would be

  • limiting use of tag group in setting of some categories, but every other categories can use every groups, or
  • limiting use in setting of that tag group, so using is free OR limited

I think it would help a lot if the tag group config page also listed the categories to which they applied. Ideally, let you configure those there too,[1] listing them[2] would be a big improvement.

  1. same setting underneath, with a “pivoted” interface ↩︎

  2. with hyperlinks ↩︎

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