Problems Uploading Groups of images

Hi - I am currently working on porting our photography forum from PHPBB to discourse - have completed the migration and we are now in the testing phase and how we will set it up before we do it all again for the real migration-

When I try to upload a group of 10 images (quite important to a photography forum) the first 4 or 5 succeed and the remainder fail and just leave the composer saying it is loading the images - have set new users to allow uploads as well

This is the set of files - I dont believe they break the size rules

This is the error I am getting on the the UI when I drag the images into the creator with it just hanging and not processing the last images

This is the error as seen in the error log - there is one of these occurrences for each of the failed files

This is running within docker on Digital ocean - Any thoughts would be gratefully received


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Hmm, that is weird. Seems like it’s not creating the directory with the right permissions. Will have a look next week.

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Thanks - the first 4 images appear in the composed post- if that helps - (If it helps I can develop- currently lead a test team) but not seen rails or docker until now…

Ill check permissions on directories as not all were created same way as not all were there in the name hash structure from install

Thanks for the pointer and some of the directories had the wrong owner / group so was a matter of luck where the failures fell - have fixed and can now upload 10 images - thanks