Problems with Markdown rendering: Links that contains apostrophes

I want to add this link here:’s+Corner/@45.7691847,4.8353492,19z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xcc75bbd0365fd4c4!8m2!3d45.7693561!4d4.835522

As you can there, there is an Apostrophe in the URL -> ' <-

When I now use the [linktext](link url) syntax, e.g. using Ctrl+K to acess the dialog, I get this here:


So far, it works.

Now, I want to add This link within parenthesis: ([linktext](link url)).

Then, it does not work anymore:


As you can see, the closing parenthesis is not shown.

You can fix this problem by removing the apostrophe, but then the link is a different one.

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This is a Markdown problem, in general. My suggestion is to do the following:



Can also be applied to links with parenthesis.


Where is the upstream markdown bug tracker? It is still an unattended behaviour and should be fixed somewhere in my humble opinion.

Shouldn’t the apostrophe be URL encoded?

This is a good question. I clicked on Share on Google Maps and copy’n’pasted
the link including the apostrophe.

Eventually Discourse will use some implementation of CommonMark.

Try it here:

And discuss here:


I could not reproduce this problem with commonmark Dingus.


Fixed now with our new CommonMark engine, see: CommonMark testing started here!