Display of images in links break if they contain parenthesis

To reproduce:

[![Some text](https://example.com/stupid(66)filename.png)](https://example.com/stupid(66)filename.png)

Some text

Of course, a better solution might be to include just the raw image link on a line by itself. I may just need to deal with image links more elegantly. . .

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I’d checked that. It’s not links to urls with parentheses that I’m having with, but links to URLs containing parentheses when the displayed text is an image whose url contains a parenthesis. In html, it’d be

<a href="http://x.com/really(silly)filename.png"><img src="http://x.com/really(silly)filename.png"></a>

I am pretty sure that this won’t work in our Markdown (the code that generates that markdown works fine if the image URL doesn’t contain parentheses) and that what I need to do is for such links, just replace the whole thing with


I can’t imagine that a human would ever do it the other way, so I’ll just have to cowboy up and deal with images that contain parentheses some other way (or even just all display-an-image-with-a-link-to-the-image instances).

Replace the parens with the URL encoded versions per the link I posted…


Apparently I was capable of reading only the other 6 ways. :frowning:



This now looks right to me:

[![Some text](https://example.com/stupid(66)filename.png)](https://example.com/stupid(66)filename.png)
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