ProCourse Installer - Installing/removing plugins via the UI

Then you should switch to a 2-container install (How to move from standalone container to separate web and data containers). That reduces downtime to about a minute.


If you removed the installer plugin and did a full rebuild, those plugins will be gone as there is no active mechanism to install them on rebuild.


No, I didn’t, I just ended up reloading a backup before the glitch. Though I haven’t had it reoccur since I added more space to the server so I don’t know if that has any correlation or not.

Hi Joe!

Awesome plugin! Makes life much easier.

I have encountered a problem. While installing Retort plugin it seems to have stalled during install

And Stuck on Spinning up Below

It has been stuck at this point now for and hour or more. How do I go about fixing this? Can I logon to server and edit app.yml remove Retort Plugin save and rebuild?

Thanks again!


Found it was Docker Manager upgrade that hung it up. Reset Docker Manager Upgrade and initiated Docker Manager Upgrade.

Waiting for it to complete before installing more plugins.



For some reasons, I can’t access the Plugins section anymore:


Any idea why?
Is Discourse.Route has been removed and the plugin needs to be updated?

EDIT: Looks like it was that. Made a PR on the repo: Import DiscourseRoute rather than Discourse.Route (#1) by Arkshine · Pull Request #2 · procourse/procourse-installer · GitHub