Profile pictures only visible for staff?

(Markus) #1

I’m looking for some way to convince people for setting up a their profile pictures in case they won’t.

Maybe in combination with a checkbox at registration or profile page, like e.g.: [*] “Only visible for staff”.

As I mentioned before, we’re planing to use Discourse at our FabLab to combine machinery introductions (with badges) and community activities (project descriptions, device parameter recommendations, …). So, in future, our FabLab could be more open, transparent for every new visitor and they’re able to stay in contact with competent members. And our staff members is able to see who is privileged for accessing certain devices, even if they don’t know the person from before.

Sure, we could make real badges with names and create an RFID auth system, but this is in our case, a absolute overkill. The most people are coming just for once or twice projects. We see a lot of new faces very often, so we require profile pictures, at least for us.

(Jeff Atwood) #5

We have no plans for such a feature at the current time.

There is an automatic reminder to set an avatar after a user has posted a few times.

(Markus) #6

And what about an additional checkbox for user groups? e.g.:

[ ] Profile pictures are required, users will reminded their group membership ends until x days, if they didn’t set up an avatar