PWA (Progressive Web App) Firefox Android: Black screen after inactivity

Dear Discourse Community,

I filed a bug for Firefox for Android as I have an issue with the Progressive Web App (PWA) for I cannot reproduce the issue on Google Chrome.

Now I need your help:

  1. Please comment on this topic, if you feel that the issue is related to Discourse and not Firefox for Android.
  2. Please comment on the bug report for FIrefox for Android to help the folks at Mozilla to narrow down the bug. It already helps a lot if you can reproduce the bug and let them know.

Here is my bug report, copied below for your reference:

Steps to reproduce
Install the PWA for (no login required) by opening the page in Firefox for Android and pressing “Install” in the three-dots-menu. Use the PWA for a little while. Do something else on the phone, lock the phone, wait > 1 h. Open the PWA by tapping its icon.

Expected behavior
The PWA should open.

Actual behavior
A black screen is displayed.

Additional Information

  • The PWA works on Google Chrome with no issue after inactivity.
  • I disabled battery optimization for Firefox with no luck.

Device information

  • Device vendor / model and Android version: Samsung Galaxy S9, Android 10, One-UI 2.5
  • Firefox for Android version: 87.0.0-rc.1

I can’t reproduce this here on Meta on my phone Android 11 / Firefox 88.1.1 / Pixel 3A XL.


Thank you for trying to reproduce.

In the meantime I can add:

  • Wait 3 hours to be on the safe side, it worked intermittently for me when waiting only 1 hour.
  • I can reproduce the issue also with another PWA (by now I was only using Discourse as PWA). The other PWA which shows the same issue is App: Wheel | findPWA - Directory of Progressive Web Apps

I have waited over 12h now, no problem.

Since you can also reproduce the same behavior in other PWAs, it looks like a Firefox bug, not a Discourse one.

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I agree. Probably a Firefox Bug, maybe device-specific.

Thank you for your help!

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