Prompt people to join public group instead of giving 404 Page Not Found

Our discourse is only open to people who have been given an account.

We have used public groups extensively to only show categories the user is interested in (and private groups to limit access to private categories authorised people).

Often, people will publish a link to a discussion in a category that is only visible to people in a particular public group.

If someone who is not already in that group follows the link, they get an unhelpful 404 Page not found page.

In the cases where the group is public, we would like the page to offer to join the person to the public group, so they can then go on and see the topic.

Is this even possible to do in an addon?

If so, we would love advice on how to do it. We might even be able to come up with a small budget to pay for the advice (or a complete solution).

This functionality is built in and can be enabled by checking Admin - Settings - Security - detailed 404.

See Different error pages for 404 (not found) and 401 (private) - #4 by xav

Here’s the solution we went with @Nikki_Locke : [PAID] Modify the "Category Previews" theme to make it work with a limited visibility Group

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