Prompting users to submit a link

Hey guys!

Is there a way to force users to submit additional information for a post in order to make it “postable” like a link or anything like that?


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Sorry, I do not understand what you have written. Can you provide a specific example?

I think that the wizard plugin should be able to help you out here as you can make things required before a user is able to post a topic. Issue is that users must fill this in. You would have to stop users getting around it somehow.

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For example I want to make sure users enter their project link and a specific name of the project before they can hit Reply in certain cases, is that possible? Also having a look at the wizard plugin from @ondrej in the meantime. Cheers guys :slight_smile:

Perhaps use a topic template in the category settings?

Oh, that’s a good idea, I will give it a spin. Did not know that existed :slight_smile:

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