Proof-read functionality enabled in Transifex. On purpose?

(Benjol) #1

I’ve noticed today that Transifex has an ‘proofread’ step added to the translate->review process.

Is this deliberate? Because currently for French, I do most of the reviewing of my own translations, so this won’t be adding more eye-balls, just more donkey work.

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

Yes, I enabled it on purpose. I think it can be a useful feature that allows a second pair of eyes. You don’t have to use it, if you don’t need it. We don’t care about the proofread state when we pull translations from Transifex. Heck, we currently do not even filter by review state.

You and your team of translators has multiple options:

  • Ignore the proofread feature. No harm done.
  • Let someone else, who hasn’t reviewed the string, proofread and use it to find errors in translations.
  • Or use Transifex’s bulk select feature and mark all of your reviewed strings proofread as well. That’s really helpful when you don’t like empty checkboxes and percentages < 100%. :wink:

(Benjol) #3

But is it a second pair of eyes or a third pair of eyes?

I mean, if we’ve already given translators review rights because we don’t have enough reviewers, is there any point adding proof-reading to that AND giving translator/reviewers proof-reading rights?

Seems a bit weird to me.