Propellerads question

Does anyone here know how to install propellerads without adsense in discourse? Adsense wont accept my submission and im looking forward with propellerads. Thankyou

Hi @R_X

If propellerads will provide you iframe tags, you can run these as your “house ads” in the discourse ad plugin, or directly in your themes (or in a theme component).

The key is to get iframe tags because these are much easier to run than script tags in Ember applications.


I just did a quick search for you @R_X and it does seem (unless things have changed) that PropellerAds will NOT provide you iframe tags.

See for example:

If this is indeed the case, you will probably need a discourse plugin developer to help you because getting third-party script tags to work with Ember can be quite tricky.


It’s a bit of a hack, but I’ve come across quite a few cases where an embed script is just used to create an iframe tag. An easy way to test this is to add the embed script to a non-ember site, for example, try adding it to a WordPress site. You can then look at the HTML that is rendered by the script with your browser’s web inspector. If you see a that an iframe tag is rendered, try adding the value of the iframe's src to your Discourse allowed iframes site setting.

You should be able to add <iframe src="<your_iframe_src>"></iframe> to your House Ad HTML. You’ll probably need to set height and width attributes on the iframe.