Public group list shows inconsistent Name or Full Name

On the group page, some groups are listed with their Name, and some with the Full Name. This creates a ugly overview, because of random usage of capitals in some groups and some being listed as the url slug.

Example Full Name versus Name (Name would be better named as ‘slug’?)
Group 1: example-group
Group 2: Example group

How is this a bug? Shouldn’t staff edit the group names to make them consistent?

Shows the same for normal users. What I am saying is that even if I have setup a Full Name, I still see some groups with the slug on the group list instead of the Full Name I set up.

I find this inconsistent as well:


This should be unrelated x but what is the value of the " prioritize username in ux" site setting? Does changing it change anything?

It was turned on, turning it off made no difference.

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I think I may be experiencing the same bug. See here:

My custom groups don’t reflect the full name that I specified. For example, see the First Order custom group:

Is there an additional setting I had missed somewhere along the way?

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I tried this as well and it does not resolve the issue. I still only get the slug names, not the full names, for my custom groups.

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What do you think of this @sam


I think consistency should win here:

If we are showing this on the group page:


We should show a similar rendered block on the group list page for sure.

@techAPJ can you take this? I think the was we render on the “show” page depends on a site setting, so you would have to check that.


Thanks, @sam! Should we expect an update from @techAPJ here or should we be keeping a lookout for something else?

It’s on my to-do list. Expect an update from me next week.


This is because your group “Full name” is same as group’s “Default title”. If the both are same we do not show full name on group list page as per:

Should we change this behaviour @sam? (cc @eviltrout)

EDIT: I see in that commit that we used to show the group title as well in group list page, now we do not. So it makes sense to always group full name even when title is same?


Done in:


Yes your fix makes more sense, thank you!


Thanks, this is a great improvement.

In terms of consistency, I have found it strange that the /my/messages group inboxes are labelled with the groupname rather than the group full name. The groupname has hyphens and underscores…


(and somewhat confusingly are auto-capitalised at the start, so e.g. patently-beta-test groupname becomes Patently-beta-test)

Whereas the group full names would be clearer and display better…


Would it not be more consistent to use the group full names here too?


It seems that in the main Groups list the groups are sorted by slug (groupname) and not by the Full Name.
Since the slugs cannot be edited by group owners, but the full name can, this means that the order in the list can get very inconsistent if the full names are not the same as the slugs (groupname)
Could this either be an admin option to sort the groups list by Full Name rather than slug, or simply be changed to sorting by Full Name as the default.
From the user point of view the Full Name is what is what is probably expected everywhere, and the slug is just a techie convenience to make a better url.
Currently we have inconsistency between the use of Full Name and slug as a primary field. If slug has to be the sort field then Full Name becomes a bit pointless.


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