PWA install on iOS only create a shortcut

Hi, I was successfully installed PWA on my iPhone around a year ago, but today as I delete it and try to add it back as PWA (add to home screen from safari), it doesn’t work. It does create a new icon on the home screen, but clicking on the icon only leads to opening the website in safari instead of rendering it just in place.

I don’t have an android device but upon my user’s feedback, it seems still to work on android.

My site is running 2.8.0.beta11(4bf6789bd7)

I also check on meta to see if the same issue happened, it didn’t. As I look through related topics, PWA shouldn’t require extra settings. Having no idea how to debug this…

meta theme-creator my site
iOS 14 (iOS 14.4.2) X
iOS 15 (iOS 15.0.2) X
iPad (iPad OS 14.7.1)

Thank you so much for reporting this! We have assigned this out and will work on this shortly :slight_smile:


Can you paste the output of the following here as a reply?

docker exec -i app rails runner "puts SiteSetting.pwa_display_browser_regex"

where should I run this command? after ./launcher enter app ?

On the server where Discourse is running. There is no need to run any command before.

the result is a^ after this command

Can you share the URL of the instance so I can check on my devices?

I can’t reproduce this on my iPad. I can add the site to the homescreen and tapping on it open the website on it’s own “window” instead of opening a new tab on Safari.

I can’t reproduce this on my iPad either, seems only happened on iPhone(reproduced on mine and others’ iPhone), I updated the checklist in OP to include detailed OS info.

Oh I don’t own an iPhone so I’m unable to help here any further.

Found it was because I insert an element in </head> tag.

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