Question Answer Website for patients

I want to have a website much like stack overflow but it will be directed for helping patients and answering their questions.
It would basically be a question answer website with gamification( points system and leaderboard)

  1. facility for the patient to uplaod images, files and videos
  2. If possible the patient should be able to attach an image directly after clicking attach image–> permission to access camero on phone–> photo of document–> uploaded on site.
  3. The responding doctors receive notification if a question is posted in their category.
  4. give points/badges to responding members for answering the query
  5. Mark the question as solved by administrator
  6. ability to search the database for the question (a search bar in the centre of homepage and powered by ?elasticsearch engine or nay other fast search engine)

, I am doctor and want to basically help patients with their questions for free. The patients should be able to ask questions , upload images and files, and also search from the previous database if the question they ask exists(plan to integrate elasticsearch for this)

I dont have a set budget in mind because I dont understand how much work this involves as I am a non technical person with regards to computers and programming.

Thanks for reading through till here. If you think you can help me create this I will be delighted. Thanks,

Dr Manish

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