Using Discourse in Health Tech consultation application

I want to add a feature in which the patients can ask any kind of medical questions and receive answers from different doctors. Doctors to respond to patients’ questions. Some criteria will be applied on which replies from doctors to be shared with the patients and the response timeframe will impact the doctors ranking
How can I do this with Discourse?

What does this mean? What kind of ranking? Do you want to add some kind of rank feature?

Discourse does track, for example, the number of responses a user has created that are marked as a solution. Would this help?

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As @pfaffman said need more context

Can you create a sample question with a couple of responses and the mechanics your looking to have applied.

It also will make a difference in how-to. Depending on if hosted or self hosted.

At a guess for example. I imagine you would like to have patient’s questions kept private with only doctors by wing able to see and respond.

By ranking I mean to internally mark the respondent (the doctor) based on their response time and other factors such as the patient ranking themselves.

@Heliosurge , that is correct. Patient’s questions should be private and visible only to doctors. Also, doctor’s replies should be visible to the patient only and other doctors who replies to the question (optional to be switched on and off)

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Okay if self hosted you could use Private Topics Plugin. Or you could use Groups for Doctors with anyone being able to message the group.

Pro with Private Topics is maybe tracking conversations easier