Voting plugin requirements

Hey there,

We are looking to use the voting plugin (already installed and in action) for our new feature requests process.

We will set thresholds of votes and time to move feature requests towards being shown to our product team. For example, if the request gets 30 votes in 3 months it will be considered a “Good suggestion” and if it then reaches 70 votes in 6 months it will be a “Hot suggestion” and then be presented to our product team in our quarterly VOC meetings.

We want to be able to show which topics have reached these milestones by using a tag. We want to know if this is something we can automate?

The complete list of requirements we are looking for is:

  • Automatically tag new feature request topics (wouldn’t be linked to votes rather the fact it is new)
  • Automatically tag topics after they reach x votes within x time
  • Automatically close feature requests topics after x time if they don’t have x votes
  • Is it possible to also add a note on the closure?
  • Automatically move closed topics to subcategories

Anyone know what is possible given it’s a plugin and not within the main discourse features?



Hello Julia,

Just to let you know that I moved this to the #feature category and we have been discussing internally how best to make this work as it doesn’t fit into the Voting plugin directly, but can be handled by a different plugin: Discourse-automation. We will help create the automation scripts for this and we are adding the automation plugin to the Business plan, so it will be live on your site. This will take some time as there is still a lot of work we need to do on the plugin and the scripts. We will keep you posted via this topic.


Thanks @osioke for prioritizing this. In order that we can plan for the eventual use of this feature, could you share a vague timeline for when you think it could be ready for us to use?

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It is end of the year, so there is a lot of OOO going around. Can we circle back in January? Either it will be done by then or I’ll have more info for you.