Questions about editor, style guide and tags

I hope someone can answer the following three questions for me.

1.) Editor
I have read a lot here in the forum but could not find an answer. Is there a way to change the editor? My target group is not very tech-savvy and rather knows the typical WYSIWYG editors. Is there any way to change it?

2.) Tags
How useful are tags for users and search engines?
I have been working with WordPress for many years and there tags are not really useful. They generate a lot of pages and very rarely are tags used by users.
What is the situation with Discourse? Has anyone had a good experience here?
I would like to make creating posts as easy as possible and only show users the tags feature when it really makes sense. Otherwise, I’d rather leave it out.

3.) Style Guide
In the admin panel under plugins I found the plugin “Style Guide”.
What can be done with it? When I click on Settings, I only have two checkboxes.
What is this plugin for?

  1. I don’t think there is a current WYSIWIG editor plug in that is working. @spirobel was working on one for while but I don’t think it is currently functional:
  1. Tags usage will depend on a number of factors such as forum purpose, user needs, content management, subject variety, etc. I don’t have them enabled on my hosted forum because they don’t really suit that particular forum’s purpose or user base. You can always enable and configure them later when you have your forum setup and running with content you need to organize. These might help:
  1. The styleguide is simply a handy reference for making custom CSS related changes to elements on your forum or understanding what customizable variables and elements exist.

If you are looking for programming tips in Discourse, you can start here :slight_smile:


Thank you very much! You are a great help to me. All questions answered :slight_smile:


You’re welcome. I am glad that helped. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Yes those are. But WordPress community, and WordPress itself, shares a long history misusing tags heavily. And that’s why the big audience never learned use tags — but that blame goes to admins (and to social media where tags are raped totally).

But my non-tech users learned to use tags very easily and quick and now they just love those small buggers.

But tagging must (ok, should…) be planned and not use tags with only one topic. For that need we have search.