Questions about setting options in the Discourse Settings

I am now through with setting up my first Discourse forum. I have gone through all the setting options and have one more query about four of them as I don’t understand them. I hope someone can explain them to me.

Under Settings > Basic Setup you find the item “short title”. What does this setting affect? I can’t find anything.

Under Settings > Legal one can add links to terms of use, privacy policy and FAQs. How can I add a link to an imprint? What is the usual way?

Under Settings > Other there is the “bootstrap mode min users”.
What is meant by this?

Under Settings > Other there is the option “share anonymized statistics”.
What is meant by this?

Thanks a lot

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  1. The short_title setting is used to provide a shorter version of your site’s title that is used in various places where space is limited, like the browser tab title, email subject lines, push notifications, etc. It is useful if your full site title is quite long, so the title doesn’t get cut off in when only a limited number of characters are displayed.

  2. I think maybe you can do this by using a permalink and editing the FAQ setting to go to it? Someone with German forum hosting may be able to answer this better.

  3. bootstrap mode min users is used to determine minimum number of users required to disable bootstrap mode when you first setup your forum. I think the default is 50 and they are granted TL1 automatically. Once bootstrap mode is disabled, new users default to TL0 as usual.

  4. share anonymized statistics periodically sends anonymized data about your site’s usage to the Discourse team. This data is anonymous and does not include any personally identifiable information. It’s used to help the Discourse team understand how their software is being used and to improve the product. The data shared includes information like:

  • The number of users, posts, and topics on your site.
  • The version of Discourse you’re using.
  • The plugins you have installed.

And the most important one: that annoying nagger visible for admin will disappear :rofl:

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Thank you for the detailed answers! 1, 3 and 4 are now clear.

For the imprint, I would appreciate an answer from a German user.


I think maybe some of the European based folks like @Stephen, @JammyDodger or @Canapin would know more about this.

You should look at the admin-legal settings for maybe setting up the Imprint. You can link to external pages, but I’m not sure which one you would use.

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Basically, what you’d like is to add a new link in the navigation bar along FAQ, Terms of Service and Privacy.

I believe this can’t be done without creating a new theme component (which requires coding using Discourse’s JS API).

However, a very circumvoluted way would be:


  • enable page publishing site setting, create a new topic in a private category (for example #staff), fill it with your imprint. Publish your page.



  • Create a new public topic in a public category and fill in it with your imprint.


  • Set the faq url setting to your published page or topic’s URL

  • Since we’ll use the FAQ links to show this legal content, customize the original text with more proper labels (e.i., “FAQ” → “Legal”) in Customize → Text → search for the “faq” string.



Circumvoluted, as I said… :smile:


Thank you very much. I will try it.

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