Quick Links Addition to Forums

(Waldo Broodryk) #1

It would be awesome if we can store some forum posts in a quick links area(accessible from the reply box) for when we want to share those on others posts for common questions/solutions smile (just saves us from hunting down those links to share lol)

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #2

This is pretty niche. Maybe someone will make a plugin some day, but it’s pretty easy to work around this with a desktop clipboard manager. There are many good ones out there, some free, some paid but cheap.



(Waldo Broodryk) #3

I’m just thinking one for mobile as well :smile: as I check the forums and provide feedback on my mobile devices quite a bit. Thanks for the link though, been looking for a clipboard manager like that for a while!

(Michael Downey) #4

See this topic for (I think) related discussion:

(Paula Kreuzer) #5

Sorry for reviving this old topic, but while I agree that this function may be a big niche and it could be solved with a plugin, I also think it would integrate well with the new function of linking tags (like #testing).

On the fairphone forum we have a dictionary topic with one post for every word described there. It is really really useful for “newbees” if advanced users link the dictionary entry for words like Hard Reset or root to their replies. It’s also easier for the advanced user than explaining the words every time, but it’s still a bit of a hassle to get the links.
It would be really nice if we could just type in #hardreset or #root and it results in a link to the right post.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #6

We can’t throw topics into the hashtag-link convention as well. Then #something is almost back to being an entirely ordinary link again :smiley:

It sounds like what you’re really asking for is autocompletion for topics. I suggest you chime in there.

That being said, your use case does remind me of an idea for tags I’ve been meaning to put down on bytes. Will link it when done.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #7

Canned replies serves the exact same function as “quick links”.