Quick Messages Plugin

(Jeremie Leroy) #347

@ryanerwin sure, it says this :


The log is this one :

(Angus McLeod) #348

@davidkingham It looks like your error might be coming from the discourse category lockdown plugin. Try disabling that plugin temporarily to see if it fixes it.

@Jeremie_Leroy We’ve got your issue in hand. We’ll take a look at it soon.

(David Kingham) #349

I haven’t had a chance to test this because I don’t want to have the downtime, I’ll be setting up a sandbox soon to get around this. Another more fatal error has popped up recently; when I click on one of the messages it does not open the message box and this is in the console:

(Angus McLeod) #350

@davidkingham Thanks, fixed:


@angus, apologies if this has been discussed before - but is there a way to speed up loading of the message notifications when you open the menu? The spinner shows up for a few seconds every time the menu is opened.

(Ryan Erwin) #352

I’ve noticed this too and it’s on my list of improvements to make.

(Eduardo Braga) #353

Do not have a demo? =/

(Ryan Erwin) #354

Angus’s sandbox at:

(Eduardo Braga) #355

thanks, plugin running :slight_smile:

a question, how does this work? https://discourse.angusmcleod.com.au/news

(David Kingham) #356

I’m having an issue on mobile. When you close out of a message there is a dark transparent overlay left over that covers the screen and I can’t click anything without refreshing.

(James) #357

Experiencing it as well!

(Angus McLeod) #358

I’ll take a look tomorrow

(Bank Live) #359

I use in mobile before open quick messages

This open tap quick messages

After close tap quick messages. I cannot push tap other

Now i fix by new refresh my web.

(James) #360

Still dealing with this issue.