Quick Messages Plugin

Yup, you can test out the latest version here: https://try.thepavilion.io

Yes. You can also try Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting)'s nifty “Redeploy Plugins” feature. Go to “Plugins” in the Communiteq (formerly DiscourseHosting) control panel and click “Redeploy Plugins” at the bottom.

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Yup. Will do first thing tomorrow, just started rebuilding our test environment. EDIT done

Which is not available to all our clients (yet) though :wink:

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I was wondering since I have not seen it yet :slight_smile:. Seems cool though.

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My users are reporting notification bubbles popping up even when there are no new messages.
Started after 2.5 stable upgrade. Anyone else having same issue?

in addition some of the icons in the quick message composer are not visible anymore:

Hi, I’ve just installed this plugin, and I noticed that when you click “Show more”, the link doesn’t go anywhere as it redirects to /users/user/messages, whereas (at least on my Discourse), the user link is /u/user/messages.

I’ve changed the code and opened a PR.

Thanks @forgenst :slight_smile: I’ve actually addressed that slightly differently, but thanks for the PR. @jrgong I’ve also addressed the icon issue you raised. Sorry for the slow response there.


@topic If anyone is using this plugin on a live forum, I’m curious to know a bit more about your use case. To be honest my attention has drifted from the plugin since Discourse introduced it’s own messages list in the user menu.

Screenshot at Aug 14 11-08-37

I’m curious if people see this as adding extra utility beyond that? If there is a substantive case for this, we (Pavilion) would look to support this more actively.

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I am using it only in desktop view because it has a familiar UX/UI to Chat in Facebook. It’s a great way to send out a quick reply. At this point it would be a great feature to merge all messages sent within last 5 minutes into one. Since I use just like chat, I tend to send burst of short messages. The end up being an individual post in the conversation.

But for completely new messages I end up using native messaging to set up the subject. And it’s more comfortable writing longer introductory messages there.

On mobile I find the native experience in combination with Mobile Tab Bar pretty solid. So I hid the quick messages icon there.

I am using it on both desktop and mobile, I prefer it as it opens a separate box, rather than the topic, so you can do other stuff at the same time.

Hi, I can set a “private message” for all logged users? Like a chat (but I don’t like Babble :frowning: )

hey @angus fantastic plugin. Just wondering if you know of any way to move the icon in between the search and hamburger icons in the header? I’ve already tried this

but when I look in the CSS, it’s simply listed under “header-dropdown-toggle”. Have already tried

li.header-dropdown-toggle { 
  order: 2 !important; 

and just

header-dropdown-toggle { 
  order: 2 !important; 

However, that won’t work either. Do you know if there’s any solution to this?

li.header-dropdown-toggle won’t work, because it’s not unique to the Quick Messages icon. It’s shared with the search and hamburger menu as well.

The first element that’s unique to Quick Messages is inside that <li>: the <a> element which has an id #toggle-messages-menu. As you already saw, it’s the <li> elements you want to rearrange (as do I).

But unfortunately, since CSS won’t allow you to select a parent based on a child of that parent, I think we’re stuck with either devising a javascript solution; or waiting to see if Angus will add class or id to the <li> element, or add a setting to the plugin.

Hi @angus, I just discovered this plugin, and grateful for it so far.

Running into a few issues/concerns with the new message indicator bubble:

  1. It displays like this, even with all my custom CSS commented out:
  2. When a new PM is received, or is read, the indicator over the avatar updates normally, but the QM indicator does not change until after refresh. For messages that have been read, this is irrespective of whether the message was read in QM or in regular messages page.

I didn’t see this mentioned earlier in the topic. Is (2) how the plugin is supposed to work, or is this a bug?


Hello there Angus,

Just a quick question I guess the answer is yes. Are watched words triggered with this plugin?

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Thanks, great plugin!

If you add all the forum groups into one message, disable email alerts and force the header icon it makes a pretty decent shout box.

I’m experiencing an inconvenience using this plugin: more often than not the message count in the header shows an unread message even though I don’t have any unread messages.
This was reported by some users and I’m seeing it too.

Hello angus!
I wanna add button Message to sidebar menu mobile layout.
What “url” can i add to this @angus ?
Thank you!

I am also having the same issue. :confused:

This emoji button is also not clickable, why is that? :confused: