Quick Messages Plugin

Hey guys, I’ll give this plugin some love soon. Hopefully next week. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Thank you, :heart: I really like this plugin pls update it soon I ll be waiting. Thank you for your great work. :heart_eyes: :heart: :grinning:

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Pls also if possible can add typing … feature? :grinning:

This issue is still same :confused:

Just a quick bug report On tablet view images in messages seem not to have any max-height or max-width css, hence it’s blown out here:

now nothing showing



This issue is still the same no changes till now.:confused:

Hey ! Is this plugin still updated ?

It seems the author is not interested in this plugin anymore and this should be moved in the broken plugin.

@moderators??? Why this plugin is still not moved in the broken plugin? Clearly, the author doesn’t care about this plugin and don’t want to maintain it.

Yes, I’m afraid I haven’t had the time to maintain this one. I may breathe life into again later in the year, but it is currently broken. I’ve moved it to #plugin:broken-plugin.


Is there a good alternative to this?