Quickly explain what Onebox is?

A co-admin new to Discourse was going through the options and pointed out that “Onebox” wasn’t exactly intuitive. Maybe it’s worth adding a heading to that page about what Onebox is?


This might help:


I am trying to embed something from autodesk360.com and it doesn’t seem to register. Is there a way within my discourse admin settings to allow for this iframe to show?


I believe @sam added a feature where you can whitelist iframes.

Another option if you haven’t already ruled it out might be Sketchfab, it looks like a lot of people have been using it to share their 3D models on a Discourse instance. If you search for Sketchfab here, you might find some examples of what you are looking for.

For clarity, would I be correct in thinking that Onebox is using oEmbed to provide embedded previews of links (ie that onebox is Discourse’s elsewhere-cryptically-referenced native support for oEmbed?)

Yes, onebox leverages OpenGraph and oEmbed tags, if present on the target site.



I have Discourse version 2.5.3. If I copy Youtube links or use the hyperlink, it only shows me the link I don’t see any image with it. Do I need to do something specific to make it work ?

Thank you

If you are writing something press ‘enter’ until it is on a separate line

@ondrej I am entering it on a separate line

Some possible reasons:

  • the youtube video has specified it is not allowed to embed (in the youtube settings for the video)

  • your server IP is blacklisted by youtube

The latter one can be tested by posting the youtube video link here. If it works here…