Quote button on hover is missing

Yes, sorry. I meant 'can you repro it in the same way`. :slight_smile:

But hopefully now we (Don :slight_smile:) have tracked it down we can have a proper look. :+1:

(Though, saying that, I think the spinner may be marked to be deprecated)

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I have this problem with my forum. Only the Edit button appears, not the Quote button. This is a problem on Chrome and Edge on PC, and the iOS Hub app. It isn’t a problem with Safari on iOS, or the A2HS app (i.e. it works as expected there). I’m on the latest version now but it seemed to start on the first “-dev” version.

Did you check to make sure default other enable quoting is enabled in admin-settings?

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Thanks – yes – quoting used to work properly but stopped recently.

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does it work in safe mode?

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It works when page loading indicator is set to slider (as mentioned above).

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@david should we consider just dropping page loading indicator site setting? not sure there is value in worrying about 2 families of bugs long term.

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Technically yes, that would be nicer. So this is just a product/ux question of whether we want to drop support for the old behaviour. A number of forums have chosen to stick with it, so it would be a breaking change for some people.

I haven’t been able to reproduce this locally. Could you try updating your forum to the latest tests-passed? Earlier this week we merged a very large refactor to the quote/edit buttons, which may have fixed the problem.


I think breaking, for the greater good, is the right call here. @mcwumbly thoughts?


I updated from 3.2.0.beta2-dev (91c94f5aa6) to 3.2.0.beta2-dev (3fe5ce7ab4), and the Quote button appears now, whether page loading indicator is set to slider or to spinner.

I still prefer the spinner, but it’s not a big deal.