Random tags are being added to topics

Whenever we try to add or remove tags, most of the time, there will be some random tags that are added. To give you an example, I have a topic that was tagged with ‘burn-scars’. I then added a couple of tags and once I save, it adds three more tags at random. See attached video:

Do the two added tags have synonyms?

You can check by going to e.g. (based on the video) https://supportgroups.com/tag/self-harm and clicking on the wrench that is usually at the top right.

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No they do not

Have a lookover your site, it seems you have a reasonably advanced tag system set up.

When I’ve come across these issues before it is often a parent/child tag relationship that’s auto-adding the extra ones on (a child tag can’t exist without a parent one, so one will often be auto-added to ensure consistency). Depending on how you’ve structured everything, this can sometimes lead to unexpected behaviour.

Are you using parent/child tags at all for your tagging system?

@JammyDodger I’m not using any parent / child tags. I’ve checked that too.