Re-send all pending invitations

I just spent 10 minutes clicking the 884 times on the /invited/pending page.


Sure, @techapj can you add to your list a “resend all pending invites” button for this page? Makes sense.


This feature is now available. :sunny:

“Resend all Invites” button will be visible when there are 5 or more pending invites.


Does this have appropriate ratelimits (that apply to admins)?

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It has now :wink:

  • Resend all Invites limited to 1 per day.
  • Resend Invite limited to 10 per hour.

(not applicable on staff)


Would non staff even ever see this button to resend all invites? I don’t know why it should even be offered to non staff. @riking was proposing rate limits even for admins here so I feel there has been a giant miscommunication…

Okay, I made this feature staff only.

Regarding rate limits even for admins, our current RateLimiter library makes the rate unlimited for staff users.

Should I amend the library to allow rate limits to be applied on staff users too?

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