How do I start a quizz within a post for all users with TYPEFORM

typeform has given me code.

where do i paste it so that a post in “quizz” category becomes a quizz for anyone who wants to take it

Thanks for the help

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I believe all you need to do is post a link to the typeform on its own line and it’ll embed automatically…

here’s a link for example and when I post that link on its own line here, it should embed:

:white_check_mark: Looks like that works


Yes. Thanks a lot.

  1. But how will grading work? Every site user will go to the post, take the quiz and submit with the same login of discourse or he needs to sign up seperately at typeform?
    Sorry, I know it’s bit not related to discourse but i need to capture data of every site user who will be taking the quiz
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I don’t think each person needs an account to complete the form, the one embedded above doesn’t need an account, for example. I think it’s just accepting anonymous responses (I’m not very familiar with how Typeform works).

One way you can capture who filled out the form is by adding a question to the form that asks for their email or forum username… I’m not sure if there’s an easy way to track that information otherwise.


Logic! Thanks a lot . It should work this way.


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