Reaction columns on the user list / leaderboard?

Continuing from: Discourse Reactions - Beyond Likes

Would it be possible to add reaction options to the new (well, not so new now, but you know) leaderboard?

Particularly, it seems like it’d be nice have:

  • an option to to replace the likes columns with the sum of likes and reactions (for sites where the reactions are really just fun other positive flair)
  • just a separate set of columns for reactions next to those for likes (for sites where reactions are distinct from likes, but not particularly interesting individually)
  • the option to indivually enable columns for any custom reaction (for sites where different reactions have significant distinct meaning)

The first one is really all I need for my sites, but I can see uses for the others.


Since it’s a plugin, and since the UI already allows for enabling or disabling columns, I think the most straightforward way would be to

  1. Leave “Likes” columns alone
  2. Add default-on “Reactions” columns when you enable the plugin.
  3. Add default-off “Likes & Reactions” columns. (Even though that’s my use-case, I understand the general reason to keep them separate.)
  4. Add optional columns for each reaction just like there are for each custom user field.

I suppose there could be plugin settings to also control, but it seems like just the column control should be sufficient.