Thumbs-up Icon missing from post menu following changes

I made some changes for reactions and it appears I have broken something. The reactions icon is now missing from the post actions bar. This is affecting all posts vs just the first one which ive seen some older topic covering. A reaction can be performed by hovering\clicking over the area for the reaction however.

I’m on Discourse 3.2.0.beta4-dev and reactions 0.3 1b28bda

The changes I attempted to make were change the default reaction +1 from heart and add angry as an available reaction. As far as I can tell I think I’m too far down the rabbit hole to undo the changes after trying to “fix” it.




The icon name for the :+1: emoji is thumbs-up. If you add that to the discourse reactions like icon setting it should show up.


This confusion has come up before… we use a Font Awesome icon for the reaction button, despite using emoji for the reactions themselves.

Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 1.19.48 PM

I’ve just opened a PR to clarify this in the setting description:

So it will say

Defines the icon used for the main reaction button. This should be a Font Awesome icon name, not an emoji name.


Thanks! that brought back the icon.

Sorry to be a little dense, but how can I make that default thumb icon yellow?



If you go to admin/customize/colors you can change the value for love to yellow there, this should only impact the like button and anywhere the heart (now thumbs up) would appear. A value like FABA32 should work pretty well. Google has a decent color picker if you’re looking to try a different shade (#FABA32 - Google Search)


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