Reactions on Meta

I think it may have had a headstart. :slight_smile:


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It does seem like an opportune moment for an update: :slight_smile:

reaction count
:heart: 84643
:100: 1231
:+1: 1205
:rocket: 757
:laughing: 633
:chefs_kiss: 489
:clap: 483
:star_struck: 409
:hugs: 289
:discourse: 274
:confetti_ball: 238
:exploding_head: 192
:cry: 178
:eyes: 152

This is from May 17th, though :+1: and :eyes: were added later on at the end of August.


Thanks for the statistics, @JammyDodger. That provides us with a useful perspective. The total count of all reactions, excluding likes, was about 7.2% of the total count of the likes plus the count of all reactions.

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