Read only mode - Notifications / Bug?

I, and some of my members, have seen a “read only mode” pop up after we’ve accepted the notifications on our browser notice.

Should this notification come on after I accept the notifications? Seems very strange. This is the first I’ve heard of read-only mode (I don’t follow all the discussions here).

After a while the message seemed to go away - not sure why. I didn’t notice any changes in my abilities on the forum.

Yes - I’m not hosted on your service. I’m running v1.3.0.beta5 +2

Depending on your settings read only mode kicks in everyday around 3am for a short period whilst backups are completed.

Are these users active / seeing this around this time?

No - this was in the middle of the afternoon PST time for me (the admin), not sure when for the users.

Wait, are you saying that read-only mode creates a desktop notification? That doesn’t sound right… That’s not exactly an actionable state.

Perhaps check the timezone on the server to see when this is likely to occur for your install

Can you get more details on how long and exactly what times this occurs?

Also perhaps try running a backup manually, to see how long the backups take on your configuration and to see the effect for yourself.

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Where do I find this in the menu?