How can I set up notifications as I like?

The notification setup isn’t clear to me. Or maybe what I have in mind is simply not possible:
I’d like to get browser (and mobile app) notifications for every single post, but not e-mails. I do want e-mails for certain things such as when somebody mentions me or replies directly to a post of mine (not just to a thread I had posted something in).

Is that possible?

Also, browser notifications (Win 10, Chrome, desktop) only seem to work while I have the forum open in a tab, and they disappear after a few seconds from the “action center”, that is not just the pop-up thingy. Is this supposed to be like that?

If anyone knows that it’s not possible, I’d appreciate a quick confirmation. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I am having trouble understanding what you have written?

Sorry that I wasn’t clear.
If I set up notifications, say watching a category, will this invariabley be the same for e-mail notifications and for instant notifications in a browser/device, if activated there? Or can I set them up separately, say browser notifications for all new posts, but e-mails only when somebody quotes me, or one category for browser notifications and another per e-mail?

Emails are only sent when none of your web browsers have pinged the website recently. Notifications are only turned into emails in that specific case – when you are not on the website in any form.