Read topics stays black in category topic list page on mobile

We noticed that the topic title stays black instead of grey after the topic has been read. This happens in category topic list on mobile.

Here are more details of the bug from our community:

I believe it’s a recent bug. I updated the software 2 days ago.

Thank you!

It seems to be working fine here on meta for me (android/chrome).

Can you track it down to a theme/component on your site?

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there doesn’t seem to be any difference between safe and “normal” mode, but indeed on mobile you have to see twice the end of the topic and spend a little time there for it the be marked as read, I’m not sure if it’s intended as one time is enough on desktop.


Yeah I tried testing via safe-mode and it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I am experiencing the same thing on Discourse Meta as well where a read topic is not greyed out (Chrome/iOS). Is it an iOS issue?

Hi @littleviolette.

I noticed on your site that you may have solved this. Good on ya’. Can you share what you found and how you resolved it?