Topics not marked as read when clicked

Hey everyone,

we are running Discourse for a few weeks now and now observed that topics do not get marked as read anymore when clicking on them (an scrolling all the way down). There is now way to get the topics “read”… different accounts, computers, browser, reloading etc. is not helping. We don’t use any plugins currently.

I have seen this post
and we actually have a custom header and footer added in the admin panel but I removed those for testing which also did not solve the issue.

Has anybody experienced this issue?


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Welcome to Meta @stuhlbein :wave:

Does the issue occur if you try safe-mode?

Can you post a link to the site you’re seeing the issue on?


Thanks! In safe-mode it is working, sometimes (the first post is marked as read correctly as I observe it) also without safe-mode. Our forum is currently closed so I will try to figure out which change produces the problem, we didn’t meddle with it so much so that should not take too much time.
In case I can not solve it I will come back.