Really basic search question

I just set up a new Discourse on Digital Ocean (using their quick installer). I have version 2.8.0.beta [ ddaf2f55fd ]. This is a private server for a handful of friends. We only have 50 posts so far.

Search is not finding posts that I can find by scanning, or that I know are there. For example, there are 3-4 posts that I know have the word “gold” in them, but search only shows 2. The term “drinking” appears twice, but a search on “drinking” gives 1 result that actually includes “drinking”, and one that only includes “drink”, missing the second post that includes “drinking”.

The “drinking” posts are each over 24 hours old, so I assume if there’s some periodic indexing, it should have run by now. I did try rake search:reindex in the container and it ran, but no dice even with a forced reload of the browser page and a separate login in a different browser.

None of these searches have anything set in the Advanced Search sidebar–just clicking the magnifying glass and typing in a term, then pressing Return. No errors or anything in the browser console. Playing with advanced options, like searching in the Topic where I know the posts appear, doesn’t give me any more hits anyway.

My expectation is that we have full-text search for at least whole words. Is that mistaken? Any troubleshooting advice or mental model updates would be appreciated.