Rebake Causes Alerts (Bulk Import Journey)

Hey All,

We are still working on our bulk importer for our large board and we are very close towards the end of our journey, close enough that we plan to Beta a board with all of our content for our users in the next week or two most likely.

I noticed something interesting as of our latest board, however. When we rebake posts, if they had a quote or tag or something that causes someone to be alerted, the alert will go out. Is this supposed to happen?

Is there a way to mute any alerts from existing threads and posts so that users don’t return to these when we do the final import in the future and complete our transition?

Though, I could be thinking about this the wrong way, would a simple solution be to just purge all alerts after the import is complete? Does a method exist to do this as a command or is it as simple as truncating an alerts table?