Rebuild leaving behind images on plesk

it seems ervery rebuild i did left behind a docker image named sha256:xxxxx with about 2,5gb in size on a plesk managed system - is it safe to delete them? is it only /app and /base that’s needed?


One of those containers is the one that’s currently running.

Look at the launcher script for the commands that make up the cleanup command, break them apart, and run them manually after checking that you’re not deleting anything needed by other parts of your system.


not sure what’s meant with ‘breaking appart’ - but i just ran ./launcher -cleanup which removed all the sha256:s and added an image ‘samsaffron/docker-gc’ … app still running fine…

Oh, okay. I assumed you had other Docker apps running on the system since you were using a manager.

no, just one discourse instance running on a server that otherwise will only be used for classic webserving.

you think there’s a chance -cleanup would touch non-discourse images as well? (just for future reference)

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