Recent Change to Discourse Spam Flagging?


Was there a recent change to the way Discourse manages spam?

I did not see any changes in the commit history, but maybe I missed it?

For the first time in months, we are seeing 5 -15 new user spam messages in the review queue (per hour), and all are spam which must be deleted.

For the past 8 months, most of these spam messages were blocked without a need to review them.

Did I miss a change?

How can we get the “great Discourse spam filtering” working again?



Could it be related to this change:

If so, can we revert this change; because the antispam filtering was working great before and now our “review the junk” queue is filling up?

I just made a change to only queue users if their read time is lower than one minute. This will greatly reduce the number of false-positives.


Thanks for the feedback @Roman_Rizzi

On our end, we have not seen our “spam review queue full of spam” since I posted this “issue”, so I’m hoping it was just some anomaly, as everything is back to normal at this time.