Silencing users with <1m read time

I’m still fighting SPAM. Many hundreds of fake accounts being created. All with <1m read time. The users try to post a spam topic, but I do require post approval for new users until they reach a certain trust level.

I want to run a query that will silence users with <1m read time but where is it stored? I don’t see it in the user table. What is the best way to do this?

I started with this silence users that hadn’t posted since 2017.

UPDATE users
SET silenced_till = '3019-02-01 13:00:00'
WHERE last_seen_at >= '2013-01-01' 
AND last_seen_at <= '2017-12-31'
RETURNING id, username_lower

What kind of spam are you seeing? Are you using Akismet?

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Yup, and it isn’t catching this.

It posts where they start out talking about the topic, but then change to things like “hire is for moving”, “research papers for cheap”, etc. I obviously delete these users, but more just keep cropping up.

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Over what time period are these being created? How many per day?

One simple thing to try is restrict new topic creation to TL1. This forces them into replying versus creating a new topic.

Over what time period? 1 day? 1 week? Can you provide more specific examples.

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Per week.

I do this already, but then they just start replying to topics with their SPAM.

No, in the same post.

I’ll post some examples


Yes, we need a lot more specifics.

@codinghorror Thanks. I will start posting examples as they come in:

Example 1:

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It is hence that we have made an Essay Test arrangement. Obviously who else is more adept to direct this than individuals who have really experienced it! You can discover around 20 article subjects from the previous year's inquiry papers. Consider great statements and focuses to fill in each theme. Make an arrangement of the paper. It ought to be arranged in right request. Great and clear penmanship has additional imprints. The GS answers and papers ought to be written in positive soul. Silly analysis of government strategies and individuals ought to be sidestepped at any expense. 

It seems to me akismet should pick up the spam URL in that reply.

It picks up maybe 2 out of 41 :slight_smile: