Recent update reset all component branches

I’m using branches for some components that I sourced using the Advanced Install modal. A recent update on instances hosted by CDCK reset all components to use the main branch. The source link referred to the main branch instead of ../tree/branch-name.

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We had some internal chatter and are not aware of any changes we made that would have caused this in the past few weeks.

We did make some changes in this area a few months ago though… are you getting back to developing on your branches after a long hiatus? Do you think this is a recent regression?


Ok, I don’t know how I’d debug that in more detail. Just in case, sharing what seemed to happen in more detail:

  • I use branches of the discourse-tag-banners and discourse-category-banners components (for use with the sidebar and with the layouts plugin)
  • I didn’t change existing branches, but I
    • updated the main branch of my forks
    • and added a new branch to my forks. I’m not using this branch on any production site though
  • the already installed components used on sites hosted by CDCK switched to sourcing the main branch of my forks
  • the branches on self-hosted sites did not change.