Recommended Hosting Providers for Self Hosters

As feedback, I’m using Contabo since a year with two servers and am all happy. They had real and friendly support at their smallest plan and manually lowered the tax rate for my location.

Plans same as mentioned on the op: Cloud VPS S (4 cores, 8GB, 50 GB NVMe or 200 GB SSD)
Price in Euro is actually just 4.99€ +tax


Thanks, @itsbhanusharma. I edited the Digital Ocean entry. It’s a wiki, so anyone can make changes.


Since September, Hetzner has increased its servers’ prices by about 10%.

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I just edited the post to reflect that. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome to change it if you aren’t a fan of the phrasing.


How do you feel guys adding a column for “min billing duration”?
Some providers bill per month, others per hour…

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Hmm. Yeah. It’s pretty great that you can spin up a droplet and use it for hours and pay pennies. In practice, I almost never do that and I have tooling that makes it almost trivial (I do have to edit a text file and insert the droplet ip). I can do the work of creating a droplet with a standard install in about a minute (maybe three?).

I think that most Normal People aren’t affected much by whether it’s hourly or monthly, as the hard part is setting it up. If the minimum is 3 or 6 months then it might start to matter.


Actually, I have a dev environment that I switch on and off during the month. I get billed less when it’s off but still pay for IP, storage etc. So paying by the minute is quite good for that particular purpose.


Yes. And I should do more of turning mine off. But if the target audience for this topic is “self hosters” then I still say that they don’t care if it’s by the minute, hour, day, or even month. Now, if the target audience is developers . . .

So to me it seems like some unnecessary work to enter it, and perhaps maintain it, and adding another column to a slightly fussy markdown table also may have its challenges. If someone wants to do that, though, then it probably won’t hurt much. :slight_smile:


I would like to add our hosting platform, Do I edit the WiKi to add it? Or just make the suggestion here?..

(the cloud servers are custom configured from the kernel up)
6x 3.9GHz cores - always set to MAX clock speed (not by demand).
25GB NVMe backed SSD storage
Price: $35.00
Build time < 5 Mins (tested)
Can click around a forum hosted by Stacklinux here:


I’m pretty happy with Cloudcone, a small hosting company
The VPS is fine and the support hyper reactive.

*Initially, it was just for dev. And since there was a nice deal for their anniversary, I signed up. *
Don’t expect to see this price again :stuck_out_tongue:
Finally, I use it in production.
(I have a VPS at Virmach for the dev, but I don’t recommend them!)

4 vCPU Cores
59 GB RAID-10
Pure SSD Storage
6 TB Bandwidth at 1Gbps
1 x IPv4 address
3 x IPv6 addresses
Virtualization: KVM

VPS Benchmarks:


Does anyone recommend/use any options that can be hosted in Australia, please? I require my data be hosted in Australia.

PS. I’m not a technical person. Just trying to save our charity’s online community which we’ve been advised the next updates are likely to crash.


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Digital Ocean has a long history of being used for the self-hosting of Discourse, and recently opened a data centre in Sydney:

There are also several Australian VPS (virtual private server) hosting services that could probably do the job just fine:

And lastly, I believe that itself utilises AWS - which of course have an Australian data centre or two. And have a history of being kind to charities :wink:.

I don’t think that there are any Australian-based companies which provide hosting and system administration of Discourse as a package deal (as per Communiteq or Literate Computing) per se.


Literate Computing could set it up and then you could move the data to it after my ssh key had been removed. That’s the best I can do. :person_shrugging:

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Hetzner has now Ampere ARM64 VPS. Discourse is compatible with this architecture.

The plans they propose make them cheaper than their regular Intel x86, especially in the lower plans.



I’m considering moving my Discourse forum from CPX31 to CAX31.


Hetzner seems incredibly cheap compared to competitors, including Scaleway.

Do any competitors get even close to giving you 8 CPU/16GB/240GB for 30 Euros?!?

Any downsides?

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Their prices omit VAT by default on their website.

They increased all their prices from 10% last year.

A friend and I have been using Hetzner for 3 years, and we haven’t seen any downsides. We’re very satisfied. They have good prices, but not low enough to believe they would be overselling or pretending to have higher specs than they provide.
The servers are also paid per hour, which makes them great when you need to test stuff for just a few hours to a few days.
They originally had servers only in Europe (Germany and Finland). They added the USA one or two years ago for some of their servers. The ARM64 servers are, however, only located in Germany.

What could be interesting would be a comparison of servers of similar specs from various providers with or similar tools.

I don’t know much about that kind of stuff, though, so I let the experts give their thoughts. :slight_smile:


The prices are so low I have to ask why anyone bothers with DO or Scaleway?!

I may migrate a server and try.


It’s not unheard of, especially in Europe
You can for example check Contabo (EDIT: I saw @nolo also just mentioned it in another thread)
You’ll get 8 vCPU / 30 Gb ./ 200 Gb NVME or 800 Gb SSD for 17.49 EUR per month (pricing is cheaper if you select EUR as currency. Cheaper than just the conversion, that is)


Are there contractors who could migrate a Discourse-hosted site for me?

I have the skills to do it myself but it’s a lot like what I do at work, and work has been very busy. I want to migrate because the site just went over 100GB of storage and that doubled the cost.


you should post this in marketplace :slight_smile: