Options on email providers?

Hey guys. I use Sendgrid currently but after a recent issue with them and 2FA on the account I cant access it, and they wont give me access to my account. Im looking for whatever options are available that might be easy to set up with good rates. Not sure if amazonses would work for this also?

Amazon SES works Just fine with discourse.

Next best bet is mailgun.


Sparkpost is good too … though I believe their free tier has been reduced in allowance recently for new customers.

I use AWS SES for redirection of incoming email.

Thanks guys. I was really happy with Sendgrid and I pay for the service because of number I have going out. But Im not going to be locked out of a paying account. Their support was worst Ive ever seen.

Setting up AWS now since its been awhile but will check out sparkpost tiers too.

Any opinions on ElasticMail?

Elasticemail is good but they kinda mess up the overall look of the email with their pesky unsubscribe footers.


Yes. It’s not suitable for discourse:

Interesting. Wasn’t aware of that one. But why would you want to pay 0.1 USD per 1,000 emails from the first email (or am I missing something?) when mailgun gives you the first 10,000 for free (and then 0.5 USD per 1,000)? Are they doing as good a job as mailgun in maintaining a good reputation for their IPs?

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You’ll just have to do the math for your own situation. I use Amazon SES because we send a substantial amount of emails and it’s significantly cheaper (3-4x) than the competition. If your needs are small I’d definitely go for a provider with a free tier!


Their first 62k emails/month are free AFAIK.

Its free if your hosted account is on EC2. So you cant have the site on say digital ocean and get a free plan.

Im looking about 100k + emails monthly and what Im setting up now is splitting my newsletter for discourse by using sendy on an ec2 container to take advantage of the free emails. Ultimately it should be way cheaper then what I pay now just a little easier.

That isn’t a big issue!

Its right there in the image you loaded. It says

if you send from an application hosted in Amazon EC2,

Click on the Amazon EC2. Its not hard to setup but just a pain in the a**.

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Mailgun is working fine for me.

Personally, I’ve had to open a support ticket with MailGun every month or so because my neighbors get our IP address blacklisted (particularly by HostKarma).

I’ve never tried any of the other providers, so I don’t know how they compare.