Recommended workflows for support and community?

:wave: all!

Super pumped to be officially launching our community this coming Monday, along with some other cool features at Tiller.

Right now, we use Intercom to handle all support inquiries. We’re getting burned out on the one to one model because we get a lot of the same questions and having folks post them to a community where we (and our enthusiastic customers) answer them gives a one to many benefit. So we’ve ramped it up, and we’re seeding content. It’ll be a slow to build we know, and Monday’s launch is really just adding it to the onboarding for new customers. We expect to learn a lot and continue refining.

We hope to use it to answer questions about our suite Google finance spreadsheet templates (which are transitioning to our “playground brand” Tiller Labs) and discussions for recommended workflows that don’t fit the box of the templates as they’re built.

We think our product is perfect for a community because it’s collaborative and great for tinkerers (the sky is the limit with a spreadsheet, right? :rocket:)

So, finally, to my question, how would you recommend we handle the flow of new topics and replies happening in the community and work that into our existing support workflows?

The replies from topics don’t make it into Intercom because of their automated flagging mechanisms (we were hoping to have those funnel into a special team inbox so none slip through the cracks). We don’t field support directly out of our email inboxes and we like having a queue based system to make sure we don’t miss inquiries.

Some ideas:

  1. Set aside a specific block of time each day to participate in the community and do this in shifts across all our support staff (but how can I be sure I’ve read and responded to everything and then how does my teammate efficiently know what I’ve already addressed?)
  2. Divvy up categories/sub-categories to a specific teammate by day (I handle template questions on Mon, Wed, Fri) during my scheduled block
  3. Something else entirely?

Ideally, we want this to make us more efficient and Intercom isn’t going away. Instead we’ll use it primarily to address core product questions/issues like bank data feed connections that might have sensitive data users don’t want to share in the community.

Appreciate any thoughts or ideas here!



Hello Heather. Exciting times!

I have a couple of clarifying questions first.

  • is your team primarily responsible for support or is that just a small part of their job?
  • is this community an additional support channel (with the existing ones still in action)?
  • do you have buy in from your team for this new initiative?

Thanks, @HAWK, very exciting indeed!

Yes, my team is primarily responsible for support. Yes it is an additional channel where we hope customers will post and answer questions related to recommended workflows + advanced how to’s that we typically answer via 1:1 channel (Intercom).

Yes, our whole company is bought in and fully backing the community! :rocket:


Awesome. Thanks for the clarification.

In my experience the key is flexibility. There isn’t really a one-size-fits-all answer. You might find that some people have a natural affinity towards the community while others don’t enjoy it as much. If that’s the case, I’d consider a division of labour.

If everyone (or no one) loves it then blocks of time is a good option. A category split works well if you have subject matter experts but otherwise it doesn’t necessarily equal a fair balance of workload because some categories will naturally be more busy than others.

If it were me I’d start with scheduled half day blocks and then revisit at the end of the first week to see how that’s working for everyone. Assuming you’ll be responding publicly onsite it’ll be easy to see which questions remain unanswered.

Does that make sense?