Recover /tos URL

I’ve disabled Terms of service page, now I need to re enabled it, but I cannot found a way to make the original URL /tos works, if I access /tos the site redirect me to /t/terms-of-service/8 but I want the /tos url like /about, /faq and /privacy

Hello and welcome @Pedro_Diaz :slight_smile:

The /tos page shouldn’t direct straight to the underlying topic. :thinking: Could you check you’ve not added it to your tos url admin setting?

Another thing to watch out for is needing the company name admin setting filled out to generate the default /tos and /privacy links. It sounds like you may already have that sorted, but worth a mention just in case. :slight_smile:


Thank you Jammy! I reset the tos url value and that recover my /tos url thanks!


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