Recurring not recurring for option other than weekly

I might have discovered a small bug: Recurring events show up in the calendar, if they are weekly, but not if recurring="2.weeks" or recurring="1.months". Could you please have a look? Thank you!

Looks like I’m hitting the bug too, I’m having:

[event start="2022-12-14 20:00" status="public" recurrence="every_month" ... ...

But on /upcoming-events it appears only once.

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I just tested it again here:

The event is:

[event start="2023-01-11 20:00" status="public" name="Réunion du comité directeur" url="" timezone="Europe/Paris" recurrence="every_month" allowedGroups="trust_level_0" reminders="notification.15.minutes"]

And it only show once in “Upcoming events” instead of monthly:

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Tested it here. Also weekly and all other recurrings are only ever displayed once in the calendar overview. When the event is over, the next one is displayed and the old one disappears.

In order to create a weekly overview, for example, you would have to enter each appointment separately. That would be very time-consuming.

Discourse version 3.0.0.beta16
discourse-calendar 0.3

Very Thanks :pray:

@jancernik Can confirm, that it is not working with 3.1.0.beta2. Do you think it is difficult to fix that?