Recurring Events only display current one?

This is great, thanks. My question is with the display of recurring events. I have a 2 weekly recurring event, but only the next event seems to display in the calendar.

Is this intentional?

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This is currently the way it’s set up to work. When one ends, the next recurrence shows up. I think it has been raised a few times, though I can’t quite put my finger on a feature request - but we are having a discussion internally about possibly making a change here. :+1: I’ll post a note here (or in the feature topic if I find it :slight_smile:) once I know more.



I understand if this is something that might have to be user-settable, but there is a decent use-case for this, and seems to be how most calendaring software works, so would match user expectations in that case.

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Was started posting a bug report on this very issue and noticed before I posted that similar issues had been asked already:

And this topic, of course.

I was playing around with the Calendar plugin and added my birthday. I was curious what day of the week it would be in 2024 and it wasn’t showing up. It looks like weekly events do reoccur, but not other rates. While my case is trivial (if confusing) this behavior could cause problems for use cases like this one. If someone sets up a monthly (or even daily!) meeting, other people can’t easily see the potential conflict past the next event.

On a related note, while testing I had a hard time telling which of my events were set to reoccur from how they show up in a reply. At least once I forgot to add the recurring parameter and the only way I discovered the mistake was to edit the reply. It’s just odd.

We have good news!

@kris.kotlarek recently released a calendar update which will fix a lot of the recurring calendar event issues. It has been merged yesterday :partying_face: and should address some of your problems. Can you try and update your plugin?

Also noting here that this is quite a big change, and we are monitoring for any other side effects that may have occurred.


We’re on a hosted instance, so will have to wait until it filters through I guess?

Your instance has the update! Can you verify the fortnightly recurrence shows up?

I updated to d27e52e3 this morning. I don’t see any change to my calendar. I tried adding a few new events that repeat and I still only see the first.

I feel I must be missing something?

This may be an Event vs Calendar thing? I think this change is for the /upcoming-events calendar portion of the plugin rather than the topic calendars.

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Sorry to be late on this. Yes the recurring meetings seem to be showing up now thanks.

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