Redirect single/multiple domain(s) to your Discourse instance

(Jk Baseer) #71

Update DNS Record

Update the A record for the domain(s) you want to redirect to original domain.

It helped and so am sharing. If somebody trying to change the A Record for the route domain. Don’t use * in the hostname but @ in the hostname of Digitalocean DNS management.

(Stephen) #72

Why are you using digital ocean for DNS? It would be out recommendation to stick with your registrar’s DNS unless you’re looking to use specific features which require moving, such as Cloudflare or Route 53.

(Jk Baseer) #73

Not sure what’s the disadvantage of that. But the reason why i do it is using the registrar only for buying domain and leave that alone. Then manage everything in DO. Also their interface looks easy to manage multiple domains and setup.