Registering users only works when website not in ' login required ' mode

Running 3.2.0.beta5-dev

When ’ login required’ is enabled the users cannot register. The error reads: “Something went wrong, perhaps this email is already registered, try the forgot password link”

when login is not set to required, the user is able to register.

I have tried disabling plugins, turning off hcpatcha, etc. nothing seems to make it work, other than disabling ‘login required’. I believe there must be a bug with the latest version of Discourse that is causing this. My theme is “Air Table”

Is the email address of the user already registered, maybe under “staged users”?

No. To test it I even just used random emails. I disabled any spam checking like ‘allowed domains’ or blocked domains etc. the only variable that allows registration, while all else being equal, is the login required.

it’s a fresh install so I’m just going to reinstall from scratch and see if the issue persists

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Hmm, interesting, I tested this locally earlier today and couldn’t reproduce.

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