Registration email work but deliverability test emails don't

Hi there.
I just got my $99 discourse install set up.
It looks great and dns is all working.
When I register a user, the activation email gets sent correctly.
However, test emails don’t seem to arrive! Should I be worried about this?
I can actually see them in mandrill in the outbound tab, and it even says “delivered”.
However it didn’t actually arrive to my inbox.
Help please, i’m concerned that it means only certain type of emails actually work…

I know this may seem obvious, but I have to ask.
Have you checked your spam folder?

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fair question but yes i did. nothing there.

My experience:
Default notifications, invites, PMs are woking but deliverability test emails don’t. Sent via Amazon SES.

Sending via Mandrill is problem-free.

Ok my bad it turns out it actually did go to the spam folder. I have some auto forward rules that didn’t get applied because it went to spam.
Thanks @ColdSun

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Glad I could help :smile: