Registration IP Address is duplicated for so many users

Sorry but I has a problem that I don’t know why.
In our forum, registration IP Address is duplicated for so many users. It seems so strange.
And I can’t understand.
Please help me to make it more clear. It’s normal logic or a bug or anything else ?
Please see the image

Are You hosting on Microsoft azure?

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Yes. And can you tell me more ?

It could be the way Microsoft routes traffic to your server. If they’re hosting you on a local IP then it is possible that discourse sees all requests originating from your server’s public gateway IP.

You’d have to configure your server to be assigned a public IP directly in order to resolve this or contact Microsoft for help.

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Sorry but the ip above is not our forum public’s ip @@
It’s ip of Dublin, Leinster, IreLand like in this image.
We already have public ip on internet.
So may be reason is something else?

Is it all users or some users?

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Hi Pfaffman,
3410 is just some users. Total of users is ~ 20.000

Is it possible that your forum is of particular interest to Microsoft employees?

Hi JagWaugh
Why do you say that :smiley:
I don’t understand @@


That ip is registered to Microsoft. If they’re employees then they might be accessing the internet from that ip while they’re at work.

Hi @Chi_Duc, I am not sure about Azure servers, but usually the server’s IP as a user’s IP is shown in case on incorrect proxy settings. I mean Nginx settings. Try to add the lines from my post into your app.yml and rebuild. Anyway, this will break nothing, and you always can revert these changes any time.

I suppose your server may have dynamic IP, therefore some users have the same IP.

Thanks @JagWaugh
The number is so big, so I don’t think it relates to Microsoft employees :smiley:
Thanks @Ivan_Rapekas
Actually, we have one website and one forum. They are single sign on.
So user can’t register directly on forum. They register on website, then our website sever sends request api to register them on forum.
And both website and forum are being hosted on Microsoft Azure.
May be this is the root of my problem.
But the IP address was logged is not IP address of my website’s server.
So I still don’t know how was this IP address logged @@